Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Crime-wave update and other trivia

Thanks so much for all your comments about the crime-wave in amongst the violas. 

I am sad to say that I have not yet got to the bottom of the problem, but I really loved all your clever, funny and helpful suggestions!  

I have to say that I have taken to going out when it is dark  and having a look to see if there's anything a-munching (I'm sure the neighbours are wondering!), but so far have only seen woodlice scuttling about.  I can see no slug or snail trails (I think they are put off by the Alpine grit which surrounds the plants)  so for once am not putting them in the frame for this dastardly deed...  I will update you when the crime is solved!

Meanwhile, I have been stitching and knitting in the evenings (I've been working most days - bit of a shock to the system after so long).  I made three pictures for the Maltings Market last Saturday...

'Country Cottage' hand embroidery with little bits of Liberty appliqué...

'Beach Huts and Bunting' - machine and hand embroidery...

and 'Cottage Garden Flower Border' - hand embroidery.  Not the best photos, I'm afraid - pesky glass!

The knitting is something very small but ever so cute (goes without saying!)  I was going to save it for another day to show you, but I'm so thrilled with these I can't wait!  

Two winsome pups...


 ..and Bert.

And a dapper little fox!

(Who was meant to be a cat!)

I'm planning on knitting lots of these, but they're not to sell.  I'll tell you about it very soon! (And in particular about where to find the pattern.)

A long awaited parcel finally turned up on Saturday.  Can you guess what was in it?  

(Cue 'Ask the Family' music - I used to love the close-up photos to identify!)

Purse and Bag frames. 

 I have been waiting for them for over six weeks so I was thrilled they finally put in an appearance.  Now I need to learn to use them, which will have to wait till I have finished this two and a half weeks teaching...

And lastly, here's a little something I treated myself to at the Maltings on Saturday.

One day soon I hope to restore her to her former pincushion-y glory!


  1. Oooooh i can not wait to see the bags and purses you make..... those bobbly frames make me all giddy with joy :o)
    hello to fido, burt and the foxy little cat!
    love jooles x

  2. I love the knitted creatures
    (I think I know where they're going)
    So so sweet

  3. Very cute knitted creatures, love the pictures, especially the beach huts.
    Did your package contain snooker balls from a new Cath Kidston range or perhaps extra large gobstoppers?!
    Carol xx

  4. Those little critters are so cute.

  5. Oh your embroidered framed works are so gorgeous. Love the close ups of the bobbles & can't wait to see the made up purses.

    Umm, I had a tray of Pansies ready to pot up... but there is nothing left to pot !!!

  6. Your embroidered and sewn pictures are beautiful, I totally love them. Your knitted animals are fab. I wish I could knit something without it having straight lines... I think it might be time to break out of my straight line knitting corner! I can't wait to see waht your bags look like, I love the big bobbles on the clasps. Have a great weekend, Alix. (My biscuits taste great but look awful. Your comment about them bringing people back to the church made me laugh out loud! ) Em x

  7. I really love your embroidered pictures - and the little knitted dogs are so sweet! You have obviously been very busy!

    Pomona x