Saturday, 18 February 2012

And the points go to...

...Colette, Carol and BadPenny for being spot on, and StraightTalkingMamma for being on the right track.
Though actually the other guessers were on track too, because one of the postcards is what I would have made, if I'd had the right colours in my stash.

Here's what I'd started, and what (blow me down with a feather) is already finished!

I'd hoped this would be fairly quick, and, for once, I was right.  Just two evenings.

The giveaway clues for those who know me, might have been the slightly Georgian-looking house and the birdhouses...

I'm ever-so-slightly perturbed by what appears to be a cauldron next to the birdhouse. well as the general snowi-ness and the sweet little people...

Have just realised I have omitted the birds legs!  Better stitch them on, as he looks like some sort of weird hover-bird...

I'm not turning it into a bag, as that would be just another place to put unfinished projects and heaven knows I don't need any encouragement to gather more of those.  And anyway, it would get grubby and spoiled as a bag, methinks.  No, this will be for the wall.

This used just a quarter of the piece of linen I bought, so I may well have to do the summer version next...

And then I might just have to come up with my own spring and autumn ones!

Anyway, we're having a largish gathering here tomorrow, so I shall be mostly tied to the kitchen for the next few hours.  On the menu:

American Chicken Pie 
 Ginger Spiced Pork
Rice or Mashed Potato
Green Beans
Warm Brownies with Baileys Sauce 
Black Forest Trifle
Tropical Fruit Jelly

I love having a good cook-up!


  1. Love the cross stitch - beautiful! Ginger spiced port sounds delicious.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Yeah I got points! It looks lovely, you were quick to get it finished.
    Tomorrow's menu sounds fabulous, hope you have a lovely gathering.
    Carol xx

  3. Your cross stitch is wonderful. Sign me up for the food, it all sounds delicious.

  4. I turn my back for a minute and come back and you're looking all fresh and pink and lovely. The cross stitch is lovely too can't believe you got it done so quickly. Good luck with the menu

  5. It's lovely Alix - and well done for completing it so quickly!A whole set of seasonal ones would look great together on a wall.
    Menu sounds scrummy!Hope you all have a great time.

    Gill xx

  6. I love the cross-stitch, it's beautiful.
    And that menu sounds delicious.......I'll be over shortly

  7. Beautiful cross stitch Alix, the four seasons all together would make a fantastic wall hanging........your're making me hungry with your delicious menu, enjoy your gathering. x

  8. What a beautiful cross-stitch! what a clever lady you are ,and your menu sounds scrummy Alix
    XX Manda XX

  9. Just beautiful. Cross Stitch something I like the look of but just cannot see to do. Mind I do cheat sometimes as my embroidery machine does!

  10. It looks wonderful, O love the idea of one for each season too.
    The menu sounds for a little one?

  11. That's so pretty! And it took HOW long? My goodness, you're very speedy!
    Hope your feast tasted as good as it sounded, and that the gathering went well. xxxx

  12. Love your cross stitching Alix, it would have taken me ages to do that. Your dinner sounded very yummy.