Tuesday, 21 February 2012

(S)he who dares wins?

Well, I dared...

...and it is done!

Success or not?

(I have to say, it doesn't really sit well with the decor in my sewing room, but hey ho!)

I think it is a reasonable success, though I would have like the pattern to match at the front seam - but it can't as the seam is shaped, not straight.
I love the sleeves, but I think that they  would be better in a fabric with a bit more body.
Luckily I have just such another fabric length.  My plan is to use this pattern (a small 12) and make a version that will fit my more ample assets. Ahem.

Front view

Mostly it was a quick job, just made a bit slower by the slippery-ness of the fabric (mental note to self: never dabble in slinky fabric again) and the fact that I didn't have a zip handy and took a few days to go and get one.  Oh, and the fact that one thing that my machine is not good for is putting in zips.  It has about three pages of instructions - no, I tell a lie, there are four! - with lots of complicated diagrams...

I was seriously challenged and it took two goes, but in the end it is done, and fairly neat considering the slippy problem.

Back view

 I am just short of the hem and the buttonholes, but I can't decide which old buttons to use.

Glassy with embossed pattern...

Flowery orange plastic...

Classic pearly...

..which are obviously pre-1971...

Which would you choose?

In other news, Mr U-t-B and I went to the cinema last night for the second time in seven days.

I think the last time we went to the cinema together was for 'Slumdog Millionaire' so we're finding our get-up-and-go quite surprising. 

We saw two of the films nominated for this year's best film Oscar - 'The Descendants' and 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' - though I can't say either of us reckon they are especially worthy of note.  Some great acting, and well shot but neither particularly memorable for us.  Oooh - how controversial I'm being!  I even had my tissues at the ready for 'Extremely Loud...' but didn't shed a single tear.  This is unusual for me.  I generally cry at the ads!   

Next week we've already decided upon 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' which I think is going to be much more our kind of film.  And, having seen the trailer, 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' will be on our list for another week.

Have you seen any good films lately?


  1. Love that dress! Pearly or glass buttons for me.
    We went to cinema on Sat to see Journey 2 the Mysterious Island - a kids film but we enjoyed it! Saw the trailer for Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and really want to go see that. M x

  2. It looks amazing - well done!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Love it great job and I love the 1st set of buttons the best.

  4. Yay on the dress it looks fab, glass or orange buttons for me!

  5. Think I prefer the Glass Button. I do love the dress, very pretty.
    I want to see 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' probably have to wait till its on DVD!
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Fabulous dress, and I'm for the first set of buttons too.
    The only films I ever see these days are kids films, but I did love "Hugo", me and my 8 year old boy both blubbed at that!

  7. Your dress is lovely. I have to say that years ago I swore I would never use a shiny slippery material again, and haven't! I think I would choose the pearly buttons.

  8. Wow! Your dress is lovely, I like the glass button best. Haven't been to the movies in forever, wanted to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie but it was gone before we got around to it.

  9. Your dress looks lovely, I'd choose the pearl buttons.
    Latest film I saw at the cinema was War Horse, it was excellent.
    Carol xx

  10. Well done! It's got to be the orange buttons. I'm inspired to make clothes again, although I've started with the youngest O'Connor, much quicker! Found a fantastic fabric shop just this morning near me, here in sunny south west France - I was restrained - for now! x

  11. I got reluctantly dragged along to see the last Sherlock Holmes and throughly enjoyed it... or was it just Robert Downey Junior? Your dress is absolutely fabulous, well done

  12. Your dress is lovely Alix,I would choose the pearl buttons.Cannot remember the last time I went to the cinema but really want to go see Woman in black,Iv read the book and so need to see the film,I keep hinting to hubby but may just have to go on my own,oh well.Love Jill xxx

  13. Lovely dress - the fabric is gorgeous!
    I like the glass button personally although they all look perfect for it - hard decision!
    Havent been to the pics in ages but like you Id love the see the Marigold Hotel film - what a star cast!
    Gill xx

  14. I like the red buttons, but then red Is my favorite color! Can't help but mention too, that my daughter's name is also Alix! Spelled with an I too!

    1. What excellent taste you have - or your daughter, if she, like me, changed the spelling herself!