Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In the throes of an obsession...

Oh dear, I seem to be a little obsessed at the moment.  

Inspired by this pattern...

...and this purchase...

...with a little detour caused by this pattern...

...I now have all these:

Exhibit One - antimacassar trimmed with ribbon and supplemented with gingham.

Exhibit Two - pretty fabric, but a little floppy and flimsy.  For decorative purposes, when you want to pose as ideal 1960s housewife!

Exhibit Three - 1930s style fabric plus polka dots.  A proper cover-up, perfect for messy cooks like me!

Exhibit Four -half a damaged linen tablecloth, with contrasting 1930s waistband.  Very girly!

Exhibit Five - the other half of the tablecloth, with a pink waistband this time.

Patch pockets from the only remaining bits when the skirts and ties were cut out. The hem-stitched edges and all the embroidery from the tablecloth were salvaged.  Luckily, most of the damaged bits were able to be excluded from the actual aprons.

Exhibit Six - another 1930s style print, trimmed with bias like the real vintage one.

Anyway, all this apron-making is for a very good reason - namely that I have been invited to a 'Vintage' event at Basingstoke's Milestones Museum later this year.  

Milestones Museum is set-up as a series of Victorian and 1930s streets.  It's well-worth a visit any time, but will be fabulous as a venue for the Vintage Fair I have been invited to!  

I'm even getting my head round the idea of dressing up properly for it!  And Miss U-t-B is keen to join me too (if dancing commitments  allow her to), though she's torn about which decade (40s, 50s, 60s or even 70s) she wants to emulate in her costume!

I want to make sure my stall focuses even more on the vintage for this, with lots more 'make-do-and-mend' items.  Hence all the aprons!

It's the Maltings Market this weekend but I'm not certain I'll get there.  Mr U-t-B has succumbed to the flu.  Proper aching-all-over, barely-able-to-summon-the-energy-to-leave-the-bed flu.  I don't normally succumb to anything, but I have a horrible feeling with all the coughs and sneezes that this ones going to be hard to avoid, and that if it gets me, the Maltings will be out.  We'll see.

Hope you're managing to avoid all the bugs that seem to have proliferated with the warmer weather!


  1. ooooh lots of making!! I do like them all.

  2. Alix, they are absolutely gorgeous! Wish I lived nearer so that I could come to the vintage event! Looking forward to hearing more about it. Exciting to be getting dressed up etc - wonderful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I love aprons and yours are lovely xx

  4. Love,love love these Alix,can just imagine you sashing your away around the house with your feather duster in hand:)
    the vintage fair sounds fab,look forward to photo's
    XX Manda XX

  5. love them Alix- 'specially the last one! Clever CLEVER you!

  6. Gorgeous aprons & perfect for the vintage fair. I'm sure that I've been to Milestones but can't remember when !

  7. Your aprons are super Alix and so many of them too. Your vintage exhibition sounds great, keep us posted. Hope your flu bugs disappear soon and Mr U2B feeling better.

  8. They are all beautiful - I do love a pinny! Hope you can make the vintage event, should be fun. xx

  9. WOW they are truly splendid. Well done you. How I wish I was nearer I would definitely visit. X

  10. You certainly have been busy! And with a very good result, I wished that we had vintage fairs like the one you will attend.
    Good luck, the aprons are lovely.

  11. Alix they are all so pretty,you must have one for each day now.Love Jill xx