Saturday, 25 February 2012

Apron Love

Oh my goodness!  I think I have fallen in love!

You may remember this...

The 'Marilyn' apron.
 I had not forgotten it (though it was sometime ago that I bought it, all from the lovely 'Tikki Patchwork') but was somewhat daunted when I got out the 'pattern' and found that it was a series of instructions for the pieces to cut, and decided to put it away until I was feeling in the right frame of mind for concentration. (Which doesn't happen too often, you understand!)

This morning, awake early and up browsing blogs at silly-o'clock, I read Miss Ginger's post about the lovely aprons she is considering making and decided I should grasp the bull by the horns and get on with it.  With luck, it was going to be ready before Mr U-t-B was awake and ready to do the Saturday morning shopping with me.

Anyway, that's not quite how it turned out, as I've only just finished it, at lunchtime.  But I'm pleased with it all the same, even if I was mightily frustrated along the way.

Cheery colours...

Ric-rac trimmed pockets, of the capacious kind (not the little ones the pattern showed)...

Sweet crossover...

Bow at the back...

I am so taken with it that I even decided to try to take a picture of me in it!  But the camera ran out of battery, just as I put on my very best Marilyn Monroe pose...

The pattern was from 'Threaded Pear'.  They have several other gorgeous patterns...

Pretty in Pleats

{But a word of warning - whilst the cutting out was really quite simple in the end, I did find the instructions a little difficult to follow at times.}

I will make this again now that I have it all figured out.
But in the meantime, I have some housework to do!


  1. I love this apron Alix, the fabrics are beautiful, how amazing to have a new apron by lunchtime........I'm much impressed, off to browse that apron pattern link. xx

  2. I really like your apron. I've recently made 2, but they were really simple ones, yours looks quite complicated. Love the colors.

  3. Gorgeous - the fabric is beautiful! Sorry we didn't get to see you modelling!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Wow Alix...that looked like a sundress until you showed the back. You would really get sun It is a cheerful and beautiful apron. I have just come across some fabric I bought in the Alsace to make an apron. It is the official plaid from there. I have just too much I want to do and never enough hours in the day. I have been working on many UFOs this year so far. I just finished another granny square throw and that pleased me to no end. It is on my handwork blog. Now I am working on a quilt UFO. Maybe I will send you my apron

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. ooooh that is lovely! Shame we didn't see you model it!!

  6. That's a very glamerous apron ! I'm planning a " spring clean " theme for the shop window with all the " girls " ( the three mannakins ) in their aprons with dusters & cloths at the ready !

  7. Very nice apron Alix and I love the fabric. How lovely to decide on doing something and finishing it by lunchtime.

  8. You put me to shame, it would probably take me days to make, provided I could work out the instructions first.

  9. Hi Alix,
    That is just beautiful, I have been catching up on your blog and am loving all your MDF items, your washi tape collection, buttons and of course your new makes and fantastic header.
    I would have to wear the apron all the time!
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Andrea x

  10. I LOVE the apron well done to make it in a morning 'speed sewing' at it's best.

  11. So pretty, gorgeous fabric, and you can't beat a bit of ric-rac! xxx

  12. You inspire me so. What a beautiful apron. I've started sewing again this year..... in a very beginner fashion. One day I might be good enough to make something as lovely as this xx

  13. Alix, I did exactly the same with this apron; checked it over, and then put it aside for a time when my mind is clear! I choose the pattern because it seems to be a flattering style for those of us who are generously endowed -- perhaps that explains the Marilyn nomenclature? Still waiting for my clarity, but you've inspired me to pull it out after our American tax season is over.
    A big "wave" across the pond from Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    Judith Ann