Friday, 10 February 2012

Little bits of treasure

 The problem about having a Jolly Good Sort Out is that you then feel justified in buying little odds and ends you see here and there on your travels...

Joining our household in the last week are...

...a sweet little pair of birds from a charity shop (£4)...

- really salt and pepper shakers -

(the photos don't do them justice as their whiteness means the detail doesn't show up)

They are going to look so much nicer on the table than our old Denby ones!

A lovely, vintage apron...

...which I wanted as I have been invited to a very exciting sounding vintage fair in a museum and I think I will HAVE to dress appropriately. The apron, along with a headscarf, is probably going to be the mainstay of the costume!

An old sledge (actually bought by Mr U-t-B, without my knowledge, but I so heartily approve of his choice).  It goes so well with my skates...

He bought this last Saturday, just before the snow hit us, but we haven't taken it out!  I think we will save it for the exclusive use of the small members of the family.

An old book with an attractive cover...

An old embroidered tablecloth - luckily with a few holes.  I am in the mood for upcycling at the moment, but I don't cut into things that haven't got faults, so a few stains or holes make me sigh contentedly!

A sweet little watercolour in an old frame...

It says Widdicombe on it, in case anyone thinks they recognise it.

And a trio of old patterns...

Having finally got round to using an old pattern for three aprons last week, I am filled with enthusiasm for trying out more.  

Welcome to my new followers and thank you everyone for all the lovely comments  of late!  
I have not been a very diligent writer, reader or commenter lately, but hope to get my act together very soon!


  1. Oh I love all your finds Alix, what a lovely selection of vintage items. I actually remember Maudella patterns, and that's showing my age! Your pinny will certainly come in handy for your vintage fair and as for the sledge, didn't he do well!

  2. What a lot of lovely stuff. I have managed to collect some good stuff this week too. Happy happy. I really love the sledge it looks so cosy next to the skates. Debs x

  3. Beautiful finds! I love your sled, it's fantastic. The vintage apron would be all over me like a rash, I love it! Em x

  4. have a great eye for treasure! some beauties there, the little birdies are divine.
    thank you for your sweet comment x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  5. Some fantastic finds. Great sled!
    Love your apron, I found a lovely one on ebay.
    Carol xx

  6. Lovely finds - the sledge is perfect with the skates, how fortuitous.

  7. Wow! What an amazing collection of finds! Hope you will come over and join in my giveaway.

    Pomona x

  8. Those patterns are gorgeous!
    We also have bird salt and pepper shakers, but ours are full colour and Christmassy.


  9. What lovely treasures. The little birds are sweet & for some reason I'm thinking, "Tweet tweet my lovelies" in a strong accent but can't for the life of me think where I heard this !
    I love the apron !

  10. That McCall's pattern takes me back...eeek:) We used to sell them in my mum's fabric store. Love the apron.