Friday, 24 February 2012

Make It and Makes

So, after a false start involving a missing mobile phone ( I so rarely use mine, it's easy to lose track of it) and a handbag that had been tidied (helpfully - not) away by Mr U-t-B, I ventured forth in the direction of Farnborough Airfield for the 'Make it Craft and Make it Homemade - the total Craft Event.

With a wallet lighter by a staggering £9.50, I wandered around, gradually finding the stalls I'd made a mental note of yesterday. (I was too tight to pay an additional £1 to get a map of the layout)

The place was really busy, which is good to see in a way, but that did make me begrudge the high entrance fee even more.  

As predicted, I came home with some ribbon...

 ...some washi tape...

 ...and some wooden blanks ...

...and the only unplanned purchases were a few bargain buttons...

I feel quite virtuous in that I didn't overspend, but also strangely disappointed.  There was nothing new and irresistible, and actually very little in the way of things for stitchers, knitters and crocheters.  If I'd fancied perusing a rainbow coloured display of embroidery threads, stroking a pyramid of beautiful yarns or choosing from a fabulous range of bamboo needles, I'd have been really disappointed.  

So once again, I am being controversial!  Three times in one week, when I don't normally say boo to a goose.

Don't get me wrong, there was loads of stuff there.  If I'd wanted a rubber stamp of a head louse holding a peace sign, a peel-off of the Brazilian football team from 1966, or any other paper crafting supply, I could probably have found it.  So there were lots of happy customers, but I went home a little disappointed.


On a more positive note, you may have spotted a new header.  One of the lentil tins has undergone a transformation...

I also managed to finish the picture bit of this...

...which the eagle-eyed among you may notice has rather changed from this...

Turns out, when I looked carefully, the one in the magazine was not representing summer at all, which I'd fixed in my mind as what I was going to do next.  No, the one in the magazine is actually autumn - the half bare tree and the pumpkins (which I thought were some unusual French style of beehive) were the clues. 

 So I have changed the pumpkins into beehives and the bird-topped triffid into a sunflower, and given the lady a more summery dress, and I have summer!

I have planned my own version of spring to do next, and my fingers are kind of itching to get on with it!

After helping Mr U-t-B's son a little with his house move and an emergency trip to the dentist with Miss U-t-B who'd managed to chip one of her front teeth at school, we had a very late, sociable and wet lunch in a pub (Mr U-t-B's son knocked a glass of beer all over me!)  so I won't be needing to cook this evening - result!

That's a little bit more stitching time, to make up for the disappointment earlier in the day!


  1. Love those buttons! Embroidery is lovely - I'd be too scared to change a pattern!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I wondered what the re-vamped Make It show would be like. I'm a paper crafter and have been a couple of times to Make It - and, like you, have come away a bit disappointed. The first one there was pretty good, with a couple of really different stalls but the last one I went to (a couple of years ago?) was just mediocre really. As you say, lots of rubber stamps and peel offs :o( I was hoping the additional crafts would have made it better, but clearly not. £9.50?! That's pricey (you could buy a lot with that online......).

    My daughter broke her front tooth in half and has a very realistic false 'half'. She has had to have it replaced just the once (because she out grew it). I hope Miss U-t-B's tooth can be salvaged or sorted to her satisfaction.

    Happy stitching!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement on the toothy front - luckily the damage wasn't too bad and has been patched up with a bit of composite, but it's a tooth she had nearly knocked out in an accident about three years ago, and it is now dead and they are going to start root canal work in two weeks time. Eek!

  3. Ooh! The Washi tape is something I'm very keen on - I've been trying to make up my mind on whether to treat myself to some and I think you've done it for me! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. oo ou got lots of goodies. 9.50 is expensive to get in?!

  5. Yikes £9.50 is a bit steep! Your embroidery is looking gorgeous, have a great weekend. x

  6. Sorry the event wasn't good, that is blumming expensive!

  7. Your little house is so sweet and I like the changes you made to the cross stitch.

  8. Your latest house make is amazing, I love the leaded windows and flowers (I could live there happily if it were a little bigger!)

    Shame the fair wasn't quite what you'd hoped for, I do like the look of those buttons that look like sweeties though.

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  9. High entry fees put me right off going ! Glad you did find some pretty things though. You made me giggle with your description!
    Wow your Lentil tin is transformed into something very beautiful - love the flowers sticking out of the roof.
    I love how you customised the picture - so pretty & fresh with the bee hives & bees.
    Hope Miss UTB is OK x

  10. My friend and I decided to go to "Unravel" at Farnham Maltings - £6.50 to get in (we went Saturday - but could have returned again Sunday with same ticket at no extra cost) and it was great - as you would expect a lot of wool - but lots of buttons and vintage bits and pieces and lovely things to spend your pennies on !!!