Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's the Awards Season!

It must be a difficult time of year for those involved in show business.  

What with the Golden Globes in mid-January, the Screen Actors Guild Awards at the end of last month, the BAFTAs and Grammys on Sunday night, the *Golden Collars yesterday and the Brits on February 21st, there must be an awful lot of rifling through wardrobes going on, lots of expensive preening to be done and much worrying about whether your choice of outfit will land you in the critics 'best' or 'worst' dressed list.  

It seems to me that long after everyone has forgotten who won what at each ceremony, photos of the fashion faux-pas will be circulating, enough to strike terror into the heart of any poor soul attending such a bash.

Because I try to be a nice person, I won't post any pictures of outfits that have been declared disastrous, but you only have to Google 'red carpet winners and losers' to get a whole heap of reminders. Some of the things these critics write make me wince!

Anyway, I'm glad that the only award ceremony I'm ever likely to attend is right here on my blog.  So, from the comfort of my own little nursing chair, wearing a pair of slouchily comfortable post-Sunday-lunch jogging bottoms (okay, it's not even Sunday anymore!) and a cosy cardi, plus slippers that make my feet look like a Yeti, I am very proud to accept (a little later than intended - I must have got lost between my seat and the stage! Or maybe my shoe...) The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you to Patricia of A Place for Everything
for doubly blessing me with this award!
Do pop along to their blogs -  they both write about all sorts of different things, so there's bound to be something to interest you!

After receiving the award there are several rules to follow:-
You should pass it on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let the bloggers know they have been nominated. Then you have to share 7 things about yourself. Finally thank the award giver and link back to them.

I seem to be going in reverse order, so I will now share seven random facts.  
If I can think of any.  
Which I'm beginning to doubt.

In the end, I rifled through the blanket box that houses all sorts of bits and pieces that I have hung on to over the years, in an attempt to enlighten myself as to what I'm about.  
The results are slightly worrying, but here goes...

When I was a child I wanted to be an air hostess.  Look, here's my Junior Air Hostess badge that I bought at Heathrow Airport.   

Don't worry - I don't wear it anymore...

I think I thought it would entitle me to just hop aboard and start doing a lively safety demonstration.  Once I grew up,  I realised that me and flying don't really go together, so I  had to find an alternative career...


One of the jobs I tried along the way.  Oh the glamour...

My attitude towards primping and preening was, I think, formed at the moment this photo was taken.

Having my hair done by my older sister, right next to the bin, at the end of the garden, with a battery powered hairdryer and four rollers.  The look on my face says it all.
NB Stephanie, if you are reading, I think I must have given you the beautiful waves in your hair there! Mind you, I bet you sat still for me, whilst I will have wriggled and complained!

If I can ever afford to, I would like to find an MG Magnette to buy, like the one behind me, my siblings and my cousins here.

Me looking stroppy again!

Walnut dashboard, leather seats, cute little indicator that popped up between the front and back doors, we never realised how great this car was when we had it.  It even took all five of us all the way to Stuttgart, Germany one Christmas - what an adventure!

Desperation is setting in and there's nothing left in the box...
I like donkeys.

I may not be very important, but I have had a personal fly-by from THE Lancaster bomber (the one featured in last week's 'Bomber Boys' with Colin and Ewan McGregor).  Here it is flying above our house.

Actually, it wasn't just the Lancaster...

Spitfires too!
(Okay - we are close to the airfield where the Farnborough Airshow takes place, but really, I'm quite sure this is a special treat for me.  I know one of the chaps who flies in it!)

I have seen Baldrick's socks...

 I was just behind him in the queue for security at Gatwick.  He wears a nice class of sock, I can tell you.

Well, it did say 'random'.
Now the last bit.  

Sorry - that's only 12.  Thing is, if I add many more blogs to my reading list I may find myself unable to actually have a life (of sorts) about which to blog!

*The Golden Collars was an inaugural event, where Uggie won 'Top
 Dog in a Movie'...

Even he clearly considered his outfit carefully!


  1. Thank you for my award, which I am happy to accept. I am now a follower too. Love your seven things. I must try hard to think of mine. xxxxx

  2. Well done you! Loved the facts about you and the photos. I think you should wear the junior air hostess badge - I would!

  3. Hi there, I've found you via Melanie, and like Loo, I would so wear that Junior Air Hostess badge!
    Also, I wanted to say that the fabric and vintage pattern on your previous post are a match made in heaven - such a wonderful bold print is just crying out for dramatic balloon sleeves! I do hope you make the frock. I like the other dress pattern too. I am a novice who is attempting to sew and am about to try my hand at a vintage maxi skirt pattern... Wish me luck!
    Love Curtise x

    1. Good luck with your sewing and welcome! The dress is nearly finished...

  4. what a fabby fun post! i just love all the photos from your childhood, especially the hair salon!
    love jooles x

    1. I've not seen 'the Artist' yet but everyone is talking about Uggie. Now those photos from you past....they look remarkably like the one's in my mums albums of our childhood, but love the hairdressing one!

  5. Congratulations!! Its great to learn a bit more about you, and i love all the old photos - kind of reminds me a bit of my childhood - I wanted to be an air hostess too, and had a little blue uniform to dress up in!
    Congrats to all the awardees too - I'm sure they keep changing the rules, 15 seems excessive!!!!So much work!

    Gill xx

  6. Oh thank you so much for my award Im thrilled to bits,I must now dig deep and think about those facts.Really enjoyed reading yours, you look cute with ya rollers in even if not very happy.Thank you again,Love Jill xx

  7. Have you been watching "Pan Am" on BBC2? Air Hostess was indeed a very glam job back then.
    Great photos.
    I'm pleased you could accept the award for your lovely blog.
    Carol xx

  8. That was such fun to read ! Love the air hostess badge ( I wanted to work in a sweet shop ! )
    You could manage the catwalk with that sultry look & I'm sure your funky clothes would be fine. Your sister could even do your hair !

  9. Thank you so much for my award Alix- I was going to delay responding as I am going away for a few days ( I did reply on my own blog comments as you may have read) but then decided what the hell and went for it! It is done , although it sadly lacks any photos! Mine could match yours in the fashions of the day I think!!
    Heather x

  10. I Love it! What a wonderful blog. You are hilarious! Thank you kindly for your nomination which I humbly accept. All the best, Hollyxx

  11. Thanks so much for my award ,which I accept,another big thank you Alix,and youre menu sounds yummy.
    XX Manda XX