Monday, 8 October 2012

A Final Ta-Dah!

(Or might I be able to squeeze one more small something out of it?)

Those of you who have been reading recently will know that I have been on a mission to create ten items out of one, shrunken, size ten 'Primark' jumper that was destined for the rag bag, and that I am trying to raise about £50 for the hospice by selling the items made from it. And those of you who haven't been reading also know now!  

When I left you yesterday I had reached number nine and was out of inspiration. A pile of ironing was looming, unless I could find a suitable, stitchy distraction...

Inspiration came in the form of a quick leaf through a rather nice book on my shelves, whilst the iron warmed up.  The book was this one...

Christmas - oops, I've said it now - Crafting in No Time by Clare Youngs.

(I believe it may now look like this...

Available from Amazon

...just in case you're thinking of buying.)

And the project was this one - the one I wanted to do most of all as soon as I got the book...

The iron was swiftly turned off.  
Once again out came the felt scraps and the embroidery floss, plus a length of ribbon, two bobbles and two silver beads. Scraps from the jumper were snipped small and used  as stuffing, just to recycle a bit more.

And here he is...

Home is where the owl is

A close up (sorry - rather a dingy photo)...

'This is my best side,' he said.

Miss U-t-B said I was showing 'hipster' tendencies making an owl!  

This morning he tried perching on the sewing machine...

...before finally settling in the contorted willow twigs.

(Though I think he may be planning to fly off again soon...)

I have now reached £21 of my total.  I still have the following to sell - anyone interested?

Bag -£15

Seasonal decoration - £4

Key Ring/Bag Charm - £4

Little Pouch/Gift Bag - £4

And Owlie himself - £8

If you are interested in any of these, do email me via my Blogger profile.  First come, first served!

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my challenge. I've had lots of fun doing it!


  1. What a great idea! As I've just said to Oooh Betty, owls and foxes do seem to be the thing to make.

  2. He's lovely! What an achievement! Ada :)

  3. What a fabulous challenge! you are so clever Alix x
    love jooles x

  4. Ha! I've just been making a batch of those Owls for my forthcoming fair - love making them and they are a great way to use up felt scraps/odd buttons :)

  5. what beautiful lovely gorgeous makes. xx

  6. Aaaarrgghhh, I LOVE Owlie so much but I'm on a belt tightening exercise since dropping a day at work so I really CAN'T buy him (or any of your GORGEOUS makes from the never-ending-Primark-jumper). He's wonderful, I know he'll find a loving home soon.

    ps I have that book too, I really should take it off the shelf, dust it down and have a go at making something!

  7. Very good, I've got that book and made one of those owls. He sits at my side on the pinboard next to the pc! x

  8. I'm totally in love with Owlie's feet...they just do it for me!!