Friday, 12 October 2012

Stuck in a cooking rut?

As you know, I've been trying to get out of a deep rut I had got into on the evening meal front.  Try-Out-Tuesday has been working pretty well (I think I need to extend the 'trying out' to include new ingredients next), but now I've tried out quite a few new recipes, I want to make sure I can re-visit them when I want to.

(You see, if we relied just on my memory, I'd fairly quickly be back in the old rut again!)

So today I had a light bulb moment when thinking about clearing out my school bag, which has all sorts of detritus at the bottom.  In amongst the stickers that had come unpeeled from their backing, the bashed up Post-It notes, the leaky biros and staple removers, I found some lollipop sticks.

All thoughts of clearing out the bag vanished, and this is what I did instead.

 First I got an empty sweetcorn tin and gave it a facelift using washi tape.  For some peculiar reason I also added some lace that was lying on the floor.  I'm not sure about this, and it may yet be ripped off!

Then I grabbed my lollipop sticks.  I will have to buy more to really do this project justice (or maybe we should start buying Fabs for me to work my way through?)

Onto the sticks I wrote some of the new recipes that have gone down well, along with some of the old favourites (the 'rut' recipes)..

NB: We do not have a secret flock of dodo that we feast on from time to time - that oddity is the reverse of a stick, because on the backs I have put where to find the recipe, as I do have a lot of books!

So now the sticks are in the pot  I will pull a couple out each week when I'm making the shopping list so keep the variety going.  

Have a lovely weekend everybody - hope you get more sunshine than showers!


  1. Hello Alix,

    I just found your blog, and I'm definitely stuck in a cooking rut.

    Love the idea with the lollipop sticks. I would get Other Half to do the selection - it's about the only way I'd get any input into the 'What shall we have for supper tonight' conundrum!


    1. Welcome! I have just found your blog - love those rusty ducks! Had a right giggle over your fire brigade incident - some people will be trying to replicate that now, just in the hope that the firemen are super-hunky!

  2. What a fantastic idea it's brilliant :-) Kind Regards Kay

  3. We are stuck in a rut too, I'm on a dairy free diet so it's a challenge trying to accommodate us all! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

  4. What a good idea! Lovely little jar too xxx

  5. What a brilliant idea! I think I may put the sticks in upside down because eventually I would get back into the "rut" and start choosing what I want to make. But I am definitely going to use the idea!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. I get into ruts with cooking so this is great ! my hairy Dieters book is on its way though....

  7. What a simply wonderful idea. Lollipop sticks here I come.

  8. What a clever idea. I think we all get into that "cooking rut".
    Carol xx