Thursday, 4 October 2012

A very lovely place, a very lovely day...

The leaves are turning, the winds are gathering strength and the sun seems to be shuffling ever further away.  Looks like it's time to retire that summery header!  I'll be sorry to see it go but it's beginning to look a little out of place.  Before I make it disappear, I have to show you where it was taken and give you a sense of what a special day we had there.

We headed down a dirt track past fields of maize ripening in a baking sun, a pretty chateau on the horizon...


After ten minutes of trudging, laden with picnic supplies, we reached our destination.

Our friends' 'pool'.
Dappled shade, glinting water... 

 Stillness and quiet...

 A place to sit, a place to eat...

Dragonflies to chase and capture on camera, and hundreds of tiny frogs that refused to be immortalised thus!

 Peaty water in which to swim...

 ...or paddle, to cool down...

 A tiny boat for messing about...

Everyone took a turn, even if some of us quickly found that we were unlikely to be making the next Olympics having discovered hidden rowing talents!

The picturesque deckchair was actually too fragile to sit in - but it DID look the part!

We felt very privileged to have had our friends' little corner of paradise to ourselves that beautiful day.

Merci beaucoup Paul et Odile!


  1. Looks idyllic! Lovely summer memories.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. what a magical place and wonderful memories to treasure.
    I will be sad to see your beautiful header go but i am also excited to see its replacement!
    love jooles x

  3. Perfectly Lovely, you lucky thing. I would kill for a glimpse of sunshine right now.

  4. That looks like absolute paradise. Your friends are so lucky!

  5. What a beautiful place. Leave your header there, it will remind everyone of a sunny summer
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Idyllic spot, paradise indeed. All beautiful photos but the one of the dragonflies, well that is just stunning.
    Carol xx