Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ten from one does go

My 'Can I make ten different things from one shrunken jumper?' challenge continued all day Sunday.  I had already made the bag, and actually, I had also made this to go inside the bag...

...a little pouch for money. 

Though not a very secure one!
I tried to create a firm closure with stuff I had squirrelled away in my sewing room (the shops were closed by the time I was making it, and anyway I was trying to be thrifty) namely a length of thin ribbon, a vintage button and a little bell.  It works up to a point, but the bulkiness of the felted fabric means it won't close tight. 
Anyway, if it was going to go inside the bag, at least the tinkle of the little bell would alert you to the inevitable - a pickpocket was half-inching your purse! 

So that made three, and Sunday morning saw me racking my brain to think of other possibilities.  I hadn't  quite exhausted my 'Elves and Shoemaker' mood (hoping, as I was, that maybe some new clothes would magically appear if I carried on...) and I had another idea from 'Pinterest'.

Whipping up a quick pattern of my own, I managed to stitch this little Chri  er, seasonal decoration in next to no time...

What next?

Well, with my tacky (ie. sticky) coaster still annoying me...

(though I have seen a suggestion that a quick go with spray varnish may sort the problem)
I thought I would make a different sort of coaster.

Two circles from the sleeves...

A freehand  snowflake embroidered in Cotton Pearl...

...and a bit of blanket-stitching...

...and a non-tacky coaster was mine!

Half-way there, and I still had plenty of fabric left, and more importantly, ideas.  More later in the week.

Welcome to new followers, and thanks for all the encouraging comments!


  1. Amazing!
    one old item recycled - lots of lovely ideas!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. It must be an XXXXL sized jumper! Can't believe you still have more left and there be will further pretty little makes to come ... M x

  3. Is there no end to your ingenuity?!

    Pomona x

  4. Adorable. I think you aught to let Primark know, they should be chuffed at your resourcefulness. You may get a years supply of cast offs!

  5. Ooh Alix, you've taken 'make do and mend' to another level! Lovely, lovely, lovely! xxx

  6. Brilliant. Love the coaster. Your purse would make a perfect gift bag for a small Christmas present.
    Carol xx

  7. I love this little coin purse. The dear little elf boot will look wonderful decorating a christmas tree. Well done you xxx