Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ten from one does go - Part II

So we're back with the jumper.  The shrunken 'Primark' one with the slightly Scandinavian credentials. Five items down, five to go.

Next I cut a nice rectangular piece from the sleeve.  Watch out when cutting from sleeves - they can be curvy, so following the pattern would not have given a proper rectangle!

I was going to make something to go with the coaster - I had measured the width I needed, and made sure the length (cut from the width of the sleeve) was going to be long enough.  I could have done with an extra couple of centimetres of length, if I'm honest, but I reckoned it would be okay.

One large snowflake was embroidered.  I'm a stickler for six points on my snowflakes, so I just imagine a hexagon (you could always draw one in soluble marker) and head for its vertices with my needle.  Then I embellish.  Mostly it's straight stitches...

...but I love to add French Knots too.

Little snowflakes were added...

...and a lining of plain red felt (from my stash) was cut.

A loop of coloured elastic, a bit of blanket stitch and a vintage button later...

...and it was finished!  A mug cosy...

I wanted to get the ribbon from the neck edge in on the act for the next 'creation'...

(Hey - there's the proof that this is not some XXXXL jumper, but just a size 10.)

I was using the sleeve edge, rib and all.  The ribbon was stitched on a little away from the straightened up edge, and a lining was cut and, yes you guessed it, blanket stitched on.

I added lines of stitching to highlight the ribbon then a button and button loop were added to create a simple, pageless needlebook...

I believe that the lanolin in the wool felt helps keep needles in good condition.

I could easily have added more pages inside, but not everyone needs pages and pages of different needles.

Next was a bit of a cheat.  Using some of the tiniest scraps, I made some more of those roses, added felt leaves and created a brooch.

Perfect for a winter jacket - beginning to need one of those these days...

So, nearly there with just two 'makes' to go. Back with more in a day or so...


  1. You are now officially a 'jumper genius!'! Ada :)

  2. Oh wow! Do you know it is almost tempting to go and purchase one of those jumpers and shrink it accidently on purpose!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Very inventive and pretty, particularly the mug cosie.

  4. i am so impressed by all your makes from the one jumper! Such a pretty jumper. i adore the dainty needle holder.

  5. OH MY GOD!!!! I love this!! You are so creative, I must have missed an earlier post, now going to catch up. xxx

  6. I name you Queen of Thrift - wonderful things you have made from a washed out jumper.

  7. Just brilliant - what you can do with one shrunken jumper that someone else might rag.

  8. Incredible what you've got out of one jumper! The little needlebook is adorable.

  9. Very good indeed, and just form one jumper!! Impressing!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. The tale of the never ending jumper. The needlebook is just lovely. I had never considered about the lanolin in the wool before, what a mine of information you are.

  11. very clever!!! such a good idea...i'll never throw a jumper away again!