Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Walk - Where Were We?

Up early this morning we headed out for a walk.  There was a hard frost on the car windscreen - the first of the season.

When we reached our destination the grasses and undergrowth were magical with the frost.

The low sun cast long shadows...

Thick mats of spider web were everywhere, looking like miniature ghosts swooshing through the undergrowth...

We had a small climb ahead of us...

Half-way up...

Heather of many hues...

Nearing the end of the climb and the sun's rays were turning the frost to water droplets...

The end of the climb...

The view...

On the way back, a tranquil pond...

Stunning reflections...

'We could be anywhere,' we said.


Where do you think we were?


  1. Alix, I have no idea, but your photographs are awesome. What beautiful scenery. You're probably going to say it's some reclaimed coal pit or something! Wherever it is it is stunning.

  2. Don't know where you were but it was somewhere besutiful. Great ohotos.
    Carol xx

  3. Somewhere near The Devil's Jumps?

  4. I have no idea where......but you have shown some beautiful photos!

    Enjoy your new week and thanks for sharing.

  5. Hmmmmm, I don't know but the photos remind me of the Ashdown Forest.

    Looks like you picked the perfect day for your walk, where ever it is!


  6. Frost ! we haven't had a frost yet but had a very mad and brief hail shower !
    Stunning scenery - are you near me in the New Forest or maybe Jo is right about Ashdown Forest ?

  7. I think it might be the army training grounds in and around Aldershot and Farnham. PennyB

  8. No idea I'm afraid but it looks truly magical and you've now made me feel very guilty as I spent all day indoors yesterday! We had our first frost here too. x

  9. I also don't have a clue where you were, but it looks wonderful. We've had a few frosty morning here too! xxx