Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Stuck-in-a-Traffic-Jam Kind of Day

I feel like I've been stuck in a huge and very noisy jam most of today.  

It was a strange kind of jam, with a weird mix of bad-tempered tractor drivers, numerous angry car drivers, fire-engines whizzing by and strange Casey-Jones-style American steam trains running alongside from time to time.

And all because Mr U-t-B (in his infinite wisdom) decided to purchase this book at Lidl this morning...

...and it was, of course, an enormous hit with Sophia, pushing Upsy Daisy

very firmly into the background, and even  denying us the pleasure of a protracted search for a cave-dwelling mammal...

Thanks, husband dearest!  May your night be as haunted by the din as my day has been!

(I may just sneak the darned thing under my pillow and give it an occasional press through the night.  That'd teach him the error of his ways!)

Short post as I have lots to do!  There are baby shoes, fairy houses and all sorts in the making, and I'm working to a deadline.  Half-term next week, so am looking forward to a change of pace...


  1. Oh dear Alix! I hated noisy toys (and books) when mine were little ... Remember an activity centre eerily going off in the midde of the night and scaring the life out f me! My Mam used to stick pins in the 'squeak' of a squeaky toy to stop them working. I thought she was a spoilsport, but now I completely understand!

    Hope tomorrow's more peaceful for you xxx

  2. Going on a Bear Hunt is still one of my 21 year old daughter's favourites.....she probably claims it's because she likes reading it to her neices and nephews....but I know, I remember her complete joy at the swishy swashiness of it all. I hope your peace can be restored soon. J.

  3. The noisy book is DEFINITELY one that sweet Sophia can take back home with her - a little treat for her parents. Luke had a similar book with farmyard animal noises. Every so often there was a 'random' jolly little tune played. Grant spent many an hour (and yes, I mean hour) trying to work out the sequence that was necessary to trigger the (damned annoying little) tune. He worked it out and then taught it to Luke (he explained he was developing Luke's memory recall). I should warn you that, unlike any kids toy you have ever known, the batteries will NEVER run out.

    We're Going on a Bear Hunt **happy memories**


  4. he he .... your post made me laugh! i hope today is more peaceful x
    love jooles x

  5. I remember those books well! Now it's wii and DS games, soon it will be music! Oh well, it will be far too quiet when they leave home! Ada :)

  6. one squeaky toy frog we had continued to squeak even after it had been stored for giving away in a black bag under the stairs !

    I loved reading going on a bear hunt to Joe but once he got terribly upset & started to cry about the poor lonely bear left behind all alone in the cave ! I had to stop reading it ( must remind him about this tonight - he's 16 now !)