Thursday, 25 October 2012

Photo-free Thursday

...because I can't be bothered to climb the stairs to download any!


Miss U-t-B arrived home from school today to announce that MI5 are coming into school tomorrow (well, one of them!) to give a presentation to the Year 11s, and that she is one of ten hand-picked to then attend either a Russian or decoding lesson.

Should we be looking out for a change in behaviour from now on?  Do they recruit fifteen year olds nowadays?


I've just come back from the school Hallowe'en Fancy Dress Disco.  I was on 'loo patrol' with a colleague  ie stationed on the corridor near the loos, to bark at the ones who run along the corridor, and keep an ear open for noise and shenanigans in the loos.   (We had volunteered for this role as it means a) we could get on with putting the Christmas shoeboxes together and b) we weren't expected to do the Macarena or listen to Agadoo!

Most amusing snippet of conversation from the evening came from a tiny Year 5 boy, dressed in black and with more than the necessary face-paint.

'Don't you know that I am technically the Grim Reaper?"


  1. There was a news story last week about MI5 recruiting 18 year old computer games generation teens - their skills are sort after! Perhaps they'd like my 2 - am sure eldest could give Johnny English a run for his money!!

  2. Hello Alix, I am very glad my school disco days are over!, .... that did make me smile, kids say the funniest things :-)

  3. Oooh, MI5 - beats the careers talks we had at school. I wonder if Miss U-t-B will decide to become a Russian spy, how exciting.

    The school I work at is a C of E school so we are not allowed to have anything to do with Halloween, let alone a party. Neither were we allowed to have a Harry Potter themed Christmas Fair because it was about magic etc. Per-lease!!


  4. Ha technically the Grim Reaper !
    The best Halloween party I went to ( as a black cat ) someone painted himself red for the Devil & afterwards couldn't get it off. My friend appeared as a ghostly apparition having emptied her sister's talcum powder all over her... her sister who was also my friend & fellow cat was furious & very scratchy with her ! There were two female Draculas one of whom looked at the other & realised she'd forgotten to draw in a widow's peak !

    Happy days. Hope MI5 visit goes well !