Monday, 14 March 2011

Bit busy to blog...

Trying to get out of a hole...

I'll let the photos tell the story 

(Sorry, they aren't pretty - those of a delicate nature, please look away!)

Hmm - looks a bit damp down there...
Screwdrivers shouldn't cut through wood like butter...
Eek! Eek! And triple eek!
Not a timber left...
Nothing left untreated...

Our weekend, needless to say, did not go quite as we planned.  

It's enough to drive you to this...


  1. For some reason, I've started singing Bernard Cribbin's "There was I diggin' an 'ole"
    Looks awful - what room is it ?

  2. Geez...what a big job ahead for you. Well it's got to be done....I wouldn't mind the Newcastle of my favourites:)

  3. It's the bathroom - or was! No bathing done there for a few days, though I am happy to report that there is now a fully functional loo back in there. We are very lucky Mr U-t-B isn't shy of hard work - boy has he been busy on this one!

  4. Crikey - that room went back to basics - glad it's sorted now.

  5. Been there, done that.... Never ending is it?! Hope you get it fixed up soon! xxx

  6. That looks like a whole lot of work.. Good luck!