Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Remaking an old classic - good idea or not?

Listening to Chris Evans this morning, I learnt that there is to be a new series of three books based on Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, written by the brilliant Frank Cottrell Boyce.  

Straight away I was swept back through the decades, to my childhood.
I can't actually remember seeing the film at the cinema, though I'm fairly sure we did have a family outing to see it.  My memories may have been erased due to the trauma of the child-catcher scenes!

What I do remember are the two Chitty Chitty Bang Bang jigsaws which my Mum bought me to while away the time when I was stuck at home convalescing from one of the childhood illnesses we all had to suffer in those days.  I think it was mumps.  I have a brilliant couple of photos of me taken at this time looking rather like a hamster...

One of the jigsaws showed the car and Potts family, plus Truly Scrumptious of course, cut off by the tide.

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Lots of devilishly difficult water to piece together!

The second showed Truly Scrumptious as a doll on a giant musical box.

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The musical box and its reflection were a real challenge!

I loved those puzzles, maybe because I secretly wanted to be Jemima  Potts, what with living in a windmill, that amazing breakfast-making machine...

...and all those adventures in a pretty and pristine white dress, or maybe because I wanted to grow up to be Truly Scrumptious with that beautiful hat...

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...and didn't her Dad own a sweet factory?

My brother had a very covetable Chitty Chitty Bang Bang model car, with pop-out wings and removeable figures, which I'd sometimes borrow.

So, fond childhood memories!  

The new trilogy features a modern family and a souped up VW Camper Van.  So it's a sequel rather than a remake, which I'm glad about.  There may be some things get better with repetition, but I can't help but think that any ideas about remaking such a classic film would be a mistake.  If a film has been a great success, let future generations enjoy the original with a re-release or DVD edition, not a remake.  I would hate to see the following tampered with...

It's a Wonderful Life
The Sound of Music
The Great Escape
Doctor Zhivago
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Gone with the Wind

What film would you hate to see re-made?


  1. Ooh the child catcher!!!
    Y'know another lifetime ago when I was at uni, an American friend showed me a photo of her horrid step-mom and I almost fell over as she was the spit of the child catcher. Imagine?
    Also my wedding cake was made by a company called Truly Scrumptious, how could I not get my cake from them?

    I would hate to see Whistle Down the Wind re-done, or Harvey or Angels with dirty faces or On Golden Pond. Loads of films in fact.


  2. Oh I'm with you I'd hate to see remakes of any of those.

  3. I LOVE Chitty, I remember going to the pictures to see it! (note I didn't say cinema!) They shouldn't remake any films! xxx

  4. Hello just popped by from Vintage at the corner house and so glad I did. I love the hat, why have hats gone out of fashion? chitty chitty bang bang was a true classic.
    Please pop by if you are passing would love to see you every one is always given a good welcome.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy.

  5. I think I've seen a remake of Doctor Zhivo...but nothing can beat those glorious eyes of Omar Sharif. I saw the origional again recently.
    I like the remakes of Oceans 11 and The Thomas Crown affair but agree some classics should be left alone.
    I love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ! I saw it on stage with Alvin Stardust playing the child catcher !

  6. Oh yes - Omar Sharif! You're right - I think it was TV version. Watched a bit, but it didn't match up...