Monday, 7 March 2011

Running with an idea

You may remember these from before Christmas...

Bottletop Pincushions!

I made quite a few.  They are rather addictive, and quick to put together. But they are a bit on the small side.

So when I saw an aerosol can lid about to go in the bin, I pounced upon it.  Then my moisturiser ran out and that had a suitable lid  too. 

So today I have been making a whole family of pincushions.

I used a couple of vintage embroidered cloths (including the one I am now using as my header) for inspiration for new flowers. And I decided to put a bee onto each one, which I can't believe I haven't done before!

I must apologise for the blurry photos, but our camera really doesn't do close-ups.  Don't know why, because it's a good camera!  It may have something to do with the operator...

I wonder what you have been up to today?


  1. I love them too - what a good idea - and you've made them so neatly. Great! Abby x

  2. Oh Alix,, those pincushions are ingenius!

    Yes, I know what you mean about cameras - I have the same problem - funny that!

  3. I love them, how unique!

  4. They are v. pretty.
    Do you have a macro setting on your camera, that's the one you need for cloe ups, that and a v. steady hand well a tripod really but I can never be bothered to set it all up.