Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What a difference a day makes...

With Miss U-t-B returning from her holiday today, the race was on yesterday to get as much of her bathroom finished as possible.  After the major hold-up at the weekend, when the floor, joists and beams all had to be replaced, we were decidedly behind schedule.  So I thought I'd try and take a photo or two every couple of hours, to chart our progress.  Strangely, I thought this would help spur us on!

10.30 am

Notice the part painted walls.  When I started putting on tile adhesive, it became clear that the paint was not adhered to the plaster, so we had to pull it all off.  It came off in chunks, like wallpaper!  But this was another hold-up...
At least the loo had been in and working for a couple of days...

A towel, but no running water!


Mr U-t-B had used the very frightening angle-grinder to make channels in the wall for the shower plumbing.  I'd done a bit of tiling.


Mr U-t-B putting together some very neat and drip-free plumbing

I did a bit more tiling to his right (soldered joints not being my forte!)

6.30 pm

Plumbing sorted and tiled over

A scabby wall where the tiling used to be


Mr U-t-B put on his plasterer's hat and sorted that out


Bath finally in place - time for bed!


We got started early as I had to go to work at half-ten.    Tiling finished round bath. Vinyl flooring laid.

Basin in place.  Who said 'What about taps?'
I have to say that my lovely husband has worked his socks off to try to get this job done for his daughter (and her very patient boyfriend, who hasn't escaped any of the chaos), even though he has really hurt his back and is in considerable pain... He is a jolly talented chap and I can't wait till it's all finished so he can have a well-deserved rest! 


  1. A lot of work.
    Answer to your Q. I'm still reading the same book as I was when I mentioned books ! My cousin has one to give me when I get there !

  2. Well done, you two! You've worked like Trojans. Lucky Miss U-to-B

  3. Crikey!!! You are very multi funtional, busy bee's. If I had a gold star it would be yours!

  4. Wow, it's come on really quickly! Clever bees! xxx

  5. Hope all goes well! Isn't it funny - the things we take photos of when we start blogging??