Tuesday, 29 March 2011


We have a new day bed in our spare room!  It's a well-known model from the flat-pack champions, Ikea. 

Image courtesy of Ikeafans.com

We treated ourselves to it with the vouchers we got for buying the kitchen-across-the-road from them, because with the room only having a single bed, it was impossible to comfortably accommodate multiple visitors.  Or, as Miss U-t-B would say, teenage sleepovers. 

This day bed has a truckle that rolls out, turning it into a decent-sized double bed.  But to make it comfortable for lounging on, it needs a mountain of cushions.  The ones that used to be on the bed in there (which had been masquerading as a day bed for a while) were trendy, modern ones - beige faux suede with stitched circles and 'shag pile' ones in cream.  Not quite my style, but purchased when one or other of the older girls was resident in there!  So time for some new covers!  

    So Sunday morning saw me gathering piles of favourite fabrics.
I was seeing this as an opportunity to make sure I held onto at least some bits of the fabrics I love the best. 

I ended up with the dining room table covered with a mixture of mostly vintage florals...

... a couple of monograms, some gingham and Vichy check...

...and some ticking (mostly modern).

 Then I played around to find pleasing combinations.

 Vintage ticking bought at 'VIntage at the Village', monogrammed napkin from a vide-grenier,  modern Scandinavian-style print bought on ebay a long time ago.

The polka dots and posies fabric is a Sandersons piece.  I would love to find more of this because it is sooo lovely!  The white floral was a charity shop find, and the monogram came in a bundle of fabrics from ebay.  It's got a couple of holes, but I've reinforced it from the back with some Bondaweb and another piece of fabric.  Anyway, it's for us rather than to sell.

More 'Vintage at the Village' buys - next sale Monday 9th May, Pamphill, Dorset!  Can't wait!

Blue floral and white - fresh and clean!

Vichy check, old linen tea towel from a vide-grenier and some fabric bought at the 'Vintage and Handmade Fair' in Chipping Sodbury some time ago.  I never seem to be able to make it, but the next sale is on Saturday 9th April, and I think I'm free that day!


Some pinking, piecing and pressing ensued, followed by a brief but ultimately successful skirmish with the buttonhole programme on my sewing machine and then...

The 'Keep Calm' ('And carry on sewing!') one was from a while back.

The PM one is my favourite!  
Our daughter's classmates have decided that she is going to be Prime Minister one day (am not sure what this says...) so I may have to keep this for her then.  (I wouldn't wish that job on anyone!)

A couple of reverse views - I was pleased to be able to include the edging that was on the Vichy check, and to use the crochet lace panels from a tatty tablecloth.

The rest of the room is a work in progress, but at least the daybed is beginning to look more like I want it.  More revelations soon!


  1. Fab cushions!! Looks better than the IKEA pic by far! Well done!

  2. They have worked out really well. The bed looks really cosy.

  3. well done - a very constructive & decorative day.
    See you at V&H or V@TVH!
    T x

  4. That is absolutely beautiful - well done. Everything looks marvelous together.

  5. Love, the P M one too, Perfectly Made!
    Sophie xx

  6. They are gorgeous - I'm very envious of your sewing time.

  7. the bed looks great! love all the cushions too!

    Josie x