Thursday, 17 March 2011

A spot of Spring sewing...

In the moments when I haven't been up to my eyes in tiling adhesive, my mind has been turning towards the need to create a few Easter-y items for the next two sales I am doing.  

The first, 'A Spring Market', is at Sherfield-on-Loddon Village Hall, near Basingstoke, on Saturday 26th March.  This will only be the third venue I have sold at, so fingers crossed!  The second is my regular stall at The Maltings in Farnham, but I really feel the need to get some new items onto my stall, as there are a lot of regular customers who come back every month, and I want their attention to be grabbed by something they haven't seen before!


A couple of years (and a bit) ago, when Miss U-t-B turned twelve, a crafty birthday party was held for about seven or eight guests.  We decided to create the following items...

A mini CD 'scrapbook' from the free CDs that used to get put through the letterbox.

Added later: Holes made with a Crop-a-dile punch! In case you were curious...

Miss U-t-B's one was based on the school production of The Wizard of Oz that she had been in at the end of Year 6 earlier that year.

 It was a nice memento of happy times with friends that she's not necessarily at school with anymore.

The second make for the party was another mini-scrapbook, this time a concertina to fit in a CD case.

For some reason I thought that the girls might run out of things to do, and not wanting them to be twiddling thumbs, I had spotted these... Lidl, and purchased several so there'd be something to fall back on if they were super-fast with their mini-scrapbooks.

Of course, the mini-scrapbooks took up plenty of time, so the Scandinavian Christmas kits were all but unused.  And this week I remembered them, lurking in the back of a cupboard (the kits, not me!), and decided to put the thick felt that is included to use for something more my style than the star coasters featured in the illustration.

Little Easter baskets
Have you seen the new teeny-weeny sugar coated eggs (like Mini Eggs, only smaller)?  I think those would be perfect for these.

My other project has involved finding some vintage egg cups in local charity shops, popping a small egg inside (actually, I would like them to fit nicely - Lindor may be delicious but they are a bit on the small side for the egg cups!)...

...then topping them off with a felt and vintage fabric appliqued bunny!

What do you think?  Got to be better than bathroom decorating photos!


  1. The CD scrapbooks are so cool - how did you make the hole in them? And are they covered in scrapbook paper? Very effective. LOVE your felt bunnies :)

  2. some great ideas there - but Easter? Already? Blimey I'd better get planning!

  3. the CD scrapbooks are sooooooooo cute and so are the Easter bunnies.

  4. Cute...I think they will sell. The bunny egg cozies are adorable:)

    If you have some felt left over I saw an interesting Christmas deco today....freebie.

  5. Refreshing to see some lovely Spring crafts! xxx

  6. I love the bunnies! So pretty. And the cd scrapbooks are a fantastic idea. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Em x

  7. I love your picture header, beautiful embroidery!
    Isabelle x