Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Tale of Two Kitchens

Look what's happened in our dining room...

Half a B&Q Takeaway Bathroom has landed (the rest landed in the garden), cutting off the way to the curtains, my sewing machine, some half-finished projects and the 
rotary-cutting paraphernalia.  

Very frustrating, but there's nowhere else to put it in our cosy 
end-of-terrace, till it migrates next door - the last of the big jobs in the Grand Flat Renovation for Mr U-t-B's daughter.  

Before we went away on our little skiing jaunt, we worked hard on the kitchen.
It's not yet quite finished but...

Where once there was a dark and extremely grimy, early 90s kitchen, 
with a defunct oven ...

...there is now something light and clean (and an oven that not only works but has its own meat probe!)

The kitchen used to have just a run of cabinets down one side.  There wasn't much useful storage at all.  And the wall cabinets were so small, given a ceiling height of nearly three metres, that it looked a bit like a dolls' house where they'd got the proportions wrong!

Now the units go round the corner, facilitated by the moving of the boiler (which conked out mid revamp).

The sash window has had its staff beads removed ready for renovation, but we need to have a couple of clear days to get this job done properly.  It'll be worth it in the end...

Haven't got round to painting this bit yet, but I'm pleased with my tiling!

The chimney breast used to be completely plasterboarded.  
Shame about the border that was de rigeur in the late 80s and early 90s.  This one was especially nasty, and it has left behind a patchy flaky mess now it's gone.  Lots of elbow grease has been used trying to sort that bit out! 

Mr U-t-B has opened the chimney breast up and created an arched opening.  We are going to try to find a nice old floorboard to cut up for shelves in there, and we may put a wine rack at the bottom.  I keep forgetting to visit a local salvage place to try and pick a floorboard up ( probably because it is a risky business - soooo many temptations!)

 This side of the kitchen used to have just the radiator, a fold-up table and chairs and the boiler.  Oh, and more of that delightful orange border.

It now has a small work area above the radiator as well as the fireplace feature.  It will also have an electrical supply soon, which will make the kitchen much more practical.

So this weekend we want to get the new bathroom in - Mr U-t-B has already made a start by pulling out the bath this very afternoon.  The eldest Miss U-t-B has helpfully gone on holiday for a week, so it will just be her poor boyfriend traipsing across the road to use our shower!  

Mr U-t-B worked as a plumber's mate in his student days, so at least it's another DIY job.  I'm not much help, so I can get on with
 some of the unfinished painting in the kitchen.  Or alternatively, once the bathroom fittings have gone, get back to my sewing machine!

Did I really write on February 2nd that 'the end of all this decorating and renovating is in sight'?


  1. Thanks for the comments Abby and Jenny - don't know if it's Blogger or me, but I thought I'd published them but they disappeared! Maybe the gin and tonic in my hand is to blame...

    (PS I'd only had a sip!)

  2. Hi Alix I love your new kitchen design - it's already working so well and how fabulous it will be when it's finished! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments too. Have a great weekend and hope you get lots done! Helen x