Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Drum roll please!

Well, finally, the bathroom-across-the-road is (to all intents and purposes) finished! I can hardly believe it!

When you walked in before, there was a 'champagne' coloured basin and a radiator on your left...

...and the bath right in front of you, so you had to edge round the door, closing it as you went, to reach the loo, which was behind the door.  The bath was underneath the window, so showers wet the woodwork all the time.  At the other end of the bath was a wasted space - I can't imagine why it was designed this way.  To add insult to injury, the previous resident had decided to paint the tiles and it was all peeling off. Grim, it was!

But now...Ta-Dah!

As you go in the bath is on your left, taking up the whole width - no useless wasted space.  There is an empty area in front of you - you don't have to shuffle round the door any more.  The radiator needs to be put back next to the bath - the plumbing is all there but we need to get a new radiator.

To the right, under the window, is the basin and a nice big cabinet, and the loo is where it was, to the right of the shot.  The only 'problem' is that with all that light falling on the mirrored doors of the cabinet, I was able to see the ravages of time on my face (and in my hair!) in rather too much detail!  But as it isn't my bathroom, I won't worry about that!

So now we have been turning our thoughts towards our own house.  If you are reading this, you may well have seen the daybed yesterday...

The more observant amongst you will have spotted the awkwardly placed shelves at the right, perfectly positioned for bumped heads!

Well do not worry, dear readers!  For last night, I armed myself with one of these...

...some of these...

...and some of these...

...and, whilst Mr U-t-B lay on the daybed, chortling away, I did this...

That's the shelves, in a new position!  Solid and level too! My first ever attempt!

It has to be said that this was done out of impatience really, as poor 
Mr U-t-B has a very bad back at the moment, and so I either had to wait till he's better or get on with it whilst he gave advice from the daybed!

Then in place of the shelves...

 ...a mirror to brighten this darkish corner.

And then a little rack to hang things on...

Both the shelves and the pegs need painting but I was on fire by now - this had to be done!  Sorry about the fuzzy photo - Mr U-t-B and I were having a jolly good laugh about all this.

Then some tidying...

Hmm...just need somewhere to put my sewing machine now. And maybe somewhere for the cutting mat?  We have lots of wood (all of it salvaged), but I don't think I'm quite up to the next stage myself! 

Patience is a virtue, they say,  Though impatience gets you new skills!


  1. Love it, love it, love it...before and afters are wonderful. And it's always fun getting the power toys...sorry, tools out! =P

  2. You have been busy! Looks great - you must be really pleased!

  3. You go, girl!! What a result - well done! Abby x

  4. I know only too well about the ravages of time.... Anyway, the bathroom looks fabulous and I'm most impressed by your drilling activities! I'm a little nervous about using drills as ours is an ancient one and is extremely heavy so I leave all that to Mr Wonky, as my partner is otherwise known, on account of his refusing to use a spirit level and so, a lot of things in our house are on the wonky side! Must get to grips with the drill, you've inspired me!

  5. Yay for you! It all looks fab. I feel exhausted just reading about how busy you've been! Em x

  6. Amazing bathroom now!!! Well done on your diy skills too!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx