Friday, 4 March 2011

Where has the week gone?

I began the week thinking that by the time I got to Friday, I'd have created lots of new goodies for my stall tomorrow at The Maltings.  But all I've managed to get done is to finish off the cottages I as working on last week and use up half a book of fabric samples.

Here's what I did.

First I took a book of fabric samples (you can read how I came by these here)

I wrestled with the book for a bit, to try and get the binding to come undone, but had to admit defeat in the end.  I put my feet up and had a cup of tea to recover, then cut the samples out of the book.

I ended up with four colour co-ordinated piles.

I then trimmed all the raggedy edges. Whoever invented the rotary cutter and self-healing mat, blessings be upon you!

I cut some bits into smaller pieces and patched them together.
At this point I got rather carried away and forgot to take any photos!

I cut linings from an old linen sheet, and made straps from the last bits of the 
co-ordinating fabrics.

Eh voila!
My Fabric-Sample-Handy-Hotchpotch-Spring-Bags!

Maybe I'll think of a snappier name for them though...
I'll probably add some buttons this evening, or maybe some Suffolk Puff flowers.

I promised in my last post that I'd give some more detail about the spindles, but I'm running out of time (work in a short while, brother to hospital this afternoon). So with apologies, I'll just put up a photo that gives you a clue...

Maltings Monthly Market tomorrow - if you're in the area, come along!


  1. What gorgeous bags. The colours are very lifting aren't they - roll on spring, please!

  2. The bags are really lovely - you've teamed up the colours so well! Hope you have a good day tomorrow! Abby x

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !

  4. Those bags are brilliant. I hope you do well at the market.

  5. Thankyou for your comment..., what a lovely blog, will enjoy reading it after. I love the bags, I've also been making bags this week, as stocks had got a bit low, i'm sure you will sell loads, good luck,
    Sophie x

  6. Fab Spring bags and don't change the name it made me smile.