Sunday, 6 March 2011

Kindles, Spindles and an experiment

It is well known in our family that Mr U-t-B is averse to reading instructions.  Hence the following birthday card, sent to him by his sister this week, which any of us might have selected for him...

A childhood and adolescence filled with tinkerings and takings-apart gave him a knowledge and understanding of most things mechanical.  This, in the pre-computer age, saw him through the use, and when necessary, the fixing of most items of technology.  Or allowed him to break them in the pursuit of further knowledge!

Once computers and such-like entered our lives,it was never very likely that he would change the habit of half a lifetime and begin to read instructions.  So it is that the DVD player, iPOD, TV remote, printer etc etc etc remain a mystery to him.  

So it was with some trepidation that Gorgeous Girl and I bought him a piece of modern technology for his birthday.

A Kindle.

But look what has happened!

The instructions have been opened, and read TO THE END!  And he has now downloaded and begun reading 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' (plus the other two books in the trilogy) which is going to keep him quiet and out of mischief for a good while to come.  

Before he got the Kindle, he was making progress with the spindles.  Here's an unstripped and stripped one...

Lovely detail...

So what are these spindles for, I hear you ask?  

Because it's a bit of a story (and I do know I can ramble on), if you want to know, I've put the story into my 'Pages' section - it over there on the right!  

Lastly, the result of the experiment.

If you ever have some stale croissants (four to be precise), I can recommend the experiment whereby you slice them up (no buttering needed, I reckoned, on account of them having butter in already) and spread them out in an ovenproof dish, chuck in a handful of raisins and four chopped-up squares of dark chocolate, mix together half a pint of milk, an eighth of a pint of double cream, three eggs and two ounces of sugar, pour over and bake at 180 degrees for between half an hour and forty minutes. Sort-of-Bread-and-Butter Pudding! 

Yum!  I like those kinds of experiments!


  1. Ah, yes, Mt VTT is like that re instruction books - it's a male thing, isn't it, like not asking the way when lost?! And he won't be getting a kindle, as he's a writer and is convinced they're the end of publishing as we know it. Glad the nerve deafness (I have that it one ear - a bloomin' nuisance!) story had a good ending! Enjoy your week! Abby x

  2. The barn is looking fantastic, I can't think of a nicer place to put those spindles. Men and intructions...tell me about it!!! x

  3. Oh my mouth is watering - sadly croissants never get time to go stale when I'm around.

  4. I'm the one who never reads instructions...that's where the men in my household come in handy...they do read them.

    Note to self: do not buy Kindle for OH until the bathroom is finished, until the kitchen is finished...etc etc

  5. Les is just the same...never reads instructions as he reckons he always knows how to put things together. And technology is a complete mystery to him. Ask him to make anything from wood though and it's easy-peasy.

  6. My husband has a habit of dismantling something for example, the bunk beds when the kids were small and we were moving house, then re assembling and have a handful of nuts / bolts & screws left over !

    Those spindles look great... off to read the whole story now !

  7. Seems all the husbands are the same!