Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Keep on running...

Haven't had much time to sew today as I was teaching French in the morning and then had a mountain of ironing to tackle, with an uncooperative iron...

However, I kept going with yesterday's idea - well, the flowery part of it - and here's what I made...

Felt notebook covers for Seawhite sketchbooks...

Thought these might be good for Mother's Day...

Oops!  Forgot the bee on this one!

I only started these about half-three and although I had to put on my taxi driver's hat three times and my pancake chef's one twice, I still managed to get them both done by ten o'clock, so practice is certainly helping me speed up with my little needle!

I want to now expand my repertoire of flowers and I have just the book to help me, bits of which I will share tomorrow if I get a chance.

Thanks for all your lovely comments recently - I really do appreciate them! 


  1. Hi Alix, they are so lovely...How do you do them? Do you use a pattern? or just make it up as you go along...I would love to learn.......can you point me in the right direction,, Please!!! x

  2. They are lovely! Ideal for Mothering Sunday...or any other time for that matter!

  3. They are beautiful, and two in one day - very impressive!