Friday, 11 March 2011

Junior Choice

Friday evening and I'm thinking ahead to tomorrow morning and all the usual Saturday morning jobs - shopping to be done, washing to get on, clearing out the fridge, making soup with the veggies on the brink of decay, the list goes on...I don't really mind all these mundane jobs, but something got me thinking about Saturday mornings when I was young.  I think it was Chris Evans using the theme from 'Black Beauty' each morning recently.

When I was a child, Saturday morning meant Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart and 'Junior Choice'.  

Some of the songs are best forgotten, but some of them are lingering there somewhere in the recesses of my mind. 

And with the marvel that is YouTube, I have been able to relive some of my childhood memories all over again.  

First, the melancholy one...

Next, a dreamy one...

Then the one which was my very first favourite song...

And lastly, the one with the lyrics I could never understand, though I still tried to join in all the same.  Couldn't find a good clip of Rolf, so this guy at least makes the lyrics clear to me, after all these years!

I wonder what songs you liked when you were small?


  1. I used to like a good sing song to the wombles!....Thanks for the embroidery lesson!! One day, it's on the to do list.....
    Have a good weekend x

  2. I LOVE THEM ALL....Oh, happy memories thanks!!! xxx

  3. I've been telling the kids about Juniour choice, The top forty charts etc. It was the heyday of Radio one my childhood & I had radio on in my room - would do homework litening to the charts. Not like now ipods etc.
    The White horses theme was so dreamy.

  4. White horses theme tune for me was one of my favourites. Kids these days are missing out on all these fab songs and a radio programme like Ed Stewpots. "Hallo Darlin'" hahahaha