Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And now for something completely different...

This morning's activities left me with hands that look like they'd been involved in a minor explosives incident in a Christmas-decoration-painting factory. 

Not quite sure how long it will take for the brown, red, green, black and silver staining to disappear, but I have a feeling that when I take my food contributions along to our staff buffet tomorrow, people are likely to spot my hands and steer clear of anything I prepared!

This is what I was doing.  

PS. This is not me!  If it was, there would be a look of steely determination on the face instead of a smile. And you'd see new grey hairs sprouting as I iced!

Now, I like making cake. 

I like love EATING cake. 

But cake decorating is not my favourite thing to do.  
I have very shaky hands and so things never turn out the way I'd like them to.
Luckily, for this one, wobbly was deemed to be okay, part of the plan.

So here it is...

One of my colleagues is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, and next Wednesday he is retiring after an entire working life in primary school teaching.  Forty-odd years in teaching and that's what you get at the end...

Hopefully it is okay, and, as I am not a professional cake decorator, will avoid appearing on the pages of this blog I discovered today...

If you want to waste an entire afternoon 
a few minutes (crosses fingers behind back) 
and are in need of a giggle, this is definitely worth a visit!
And I'm not going to tell you which posts had me on the floor laughing as that would probably reveal too much about my personality...


  1. You have many hidden talents Mrs used-to-be, a most excellent cake xx

  2. I think you did really well - you clever thing! I'm off to waste
    my evening, no doubt, looking at that link!

  3. This is BRILLIANT!
    Jane Asher eat your heart out.......
    I've seen that cakewrecks site before, it's hilarious.

  4. I am NOT clicking on cake wrecks today, I have way too much to do! It is hilarious though. I'm pretty sure your cake does not qualify - it's fantastic!

  5. You are looking like a professional cake decorator to me dear Alix! That is fab and he is going to love it I am sure. If not, bring it here and I will make us a cup of tea while we enjoy it. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Its a fab cake I am sure your colleague will be delighted. Just going to look on the cake wrecks website. I did once see a book of disaster cakes and it was really funny. Going to see if I can spot your favs.

  7. It's great. He'll love it. Off to look for cakewrecks and see if I recognise any I've made myself!