Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A bit late, but here it is!

So the summer holidays are almost upon us, I'm in a good mood and I thought it was about time to do a giveaway!  
 So, without further ado (I normally like a bit of 'further ado', but today I'm going to spare you the ramblings), here are some of the prizes...

A 'Beach Huts, Bunting and Daisies' Needlecase
A Union Flag Brooch Cushion, with an old brooch
A Hotchpotch-Bag and a 'Rescued from Grandma's Workbox' selection of embroidery tranfers and threads
Also included will be...

You'll have to wait and see!

There's a bit of a holiday theme going on, so to enter the giveaway, I'd like you to leave a comment naming the place in your home country that you'd recommend for an idyllic break and a little bit about why.  

You see, we haven't got a holiday planned this summer (not knowing whether Mr U-t-B would be up to it after the back problems)  but we might just do something 'last minute' so your recommendations would be most welcome!

For a second entry, just mention my giveaway in a link on your blog (and let me know via the comment) or, if you are not already, become a Follower. 

I'll keep this open for a week, so will draw a winner next Wednesday 13th July just after noon.

Good luck!

P.S.  I am happy to post abroad.


  1. Lovely prizes! I'll tell you where NOT to go... Skegness! It's total crap, about an hour away from us, though I have not been for 20 years! Does this count as an entry?? LOL! xxxxxxx

  2. Wow - what a giveaway! If you are looking for a place to get away from it all and just chill, then Orkney is the place to go. Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but the atmosphere is truly amazing with all the standing stones and ancient sacred places. Well worth visiting.

  3. Absolutely beautiful prizes, how can you bear to give them away? In Wales - where I was born - I would recommend either Gower for the beautiful beaches or somewhere near the Black Mountains for breathtaking scenery. Or Hay on Wye for book shops and pretty wanderings.

  4. This is a great giveaway, Alix - I've just put a link to it in my sidebar. In our adopted home country of France, I suggest the best-kept-secret of Les Landes. It's on the Atlantic coast south of Bordeaux, and is fairly a fairly remote landscape of sand dunes (many now with pine trees) and warm, shallow lakes. You can cycle a lot and have the opportunity to swim either in the bracing sea or the comforting lakes. And of course there will be Vide Greniers there all summer...

  5. We I would have to recommend Pembrokeshire, a wonderful county with stunning countryside and coast line. Not too crowded but still has some pretty towns to explore such as St Davids or Tenby. Have fun where ever you decide to go!

  6. Here !!! close to heart of the New Forest but we are by the sea .. seaside & countryside - what better ?

  7. Oh, what an exciting giveaway! I'd love be the proud owner of your sweet creations!
    Anyway, I'm from Slovenia and in our pocket-size country there are many holiday resorts (and with low-cost airlines they're only a couple of hours and not a fortune away from Britain!). I'd recommend Bled in the Alpine region with its lovely lake or Piran, a beautiful old seaside resort. Should you ever actually come to this part of the world, do let me know!

  8. I'm a follower, as well, for the second entry, plus I've blogged about your sweet giveaway! How desperate to win am I...?

  9. Great suggestions so far...Thanks everyone!

  10. I've only just found your blog. I think I arrived her via Helen Philipps blog and I'm so glad I did!
    I live in Spain now but I was born in the county of Northumberland in the UK.
    Childhood holidays were always spent at Bamburgh.
    Gosh, I feel quite homesick thinking about it.
    Long stretches of beautiful coastline and the most glorious castle overlooking it.
    I had thought it couldn't possibly still look the way it did when I was a child but it does!
    I'd love to enter the giveaway if I may and am about to become your newest foloower :)

  11. Cor what gorgeous goodies. I'm not sure I have a good place to suggest, I haven't found the perfect getaway yet. We quite like Devon, the bits nearish Exeter, lots of nice day trips nearby - Sidmouth is a name I remember and Totnes is lovely apparently (hoping to find out for ourselves this year).

  12. Hi, I just found your blog. I would recommend a summer holiday on the beautiful the West Coast of Sweden where I live. The Bohuslän Coast stretches from Gothenburg northwards to the border with Norway and beside this coastline lies the Western Archipelago, a spectacular seascape of 8,000 islands, islets, skerries and rocky outcrops.
    I love the beautiful prizes and would like to enter the giveaway.

  13. I want, I want....fingers crossed.

    Come to Scotland, it's bonny!! x

  14. OOOooh i don't even have to give it a second thought..i LOVE the lake district, it is breath taking.
    what a wonderful give away, thank you for the chance
    oh i am a follower.
    j x

  15. What a very generous giveaway, I'd love to enter. We love Swanage in Dorset. You can have a good old bucket and spade holiday or if you walk 10mins down the beach you can be completely on your own, it's beautifully peaceful with just sound of the waves and seagulls. Swanage has a bit of everything really. Lovely place!

  16. What a lovely giveaway. Well I would recommend the Lake District as without saying to many words it quite simply always takes my breath away.

    I would also recommend visiting Kirby Longsdale as it has a brilliant handbag shop and of course Kendle and maybe a spot of Kendle mint cake. Yum yum

    Leah x

  17. Hi Alix,

    A great give away,
    Would love to enter!! As for where you should visit, well I do rather like my neck of the woods here in Sunny Scarborough, North Yorkshire!! We have lots of lovely places to visit around us and great countryside, plus the seaside if you want it!!!
    Have a fab weekend,
    Love Andrea x

  18. I would love to enter please, and my recommendation is...
    Rye Harbour - why? because it is a little wild and never busy. Lots of nature and i love the sea. I went and stayed in this little fishermans cottage there and had a fab time. If you want some nice shops and cream teas then nip into Rye town. or a massive sandy family beach, you have Camber sands just a mile up the road. Oh and Hastings is just round the corner too!

  19. Hi Alix!
    What wonderful giveaway prizes!
    I'd love to be entered for a chance to win them!
    Where I live in Kent is a great place for a getaway - there are loads of NT places (Sissinghurst, Chartwell, Scotney castle)and gardens (Great Dixter)nearby, pretty towns (Rye, Tenterden)and villages, the seaside less than an hour away and London a 35 min train journey!
    Having said all that, we love Wales for holidays, especially around Laugharne and Pendine Sands, as you need a bit of a change of scenery dont you?
    PS am also having a giveaway!Come on over!
    Gill xx

  20. Hi Alix,
    I'm probably a bit late (due to techy difficulties)
    but as I'm from north Wales I can recommend a holiday on the Llyn Peninsula (fab beaches), Portmeirion (sigh!), Conwy (lovely castle and harbour) or Llandudno for it's unspoilt charm.
    There will be plenty of fish and chips, ice cream and the most beautiful scenery to oggle.

  21. Hi Alix, I worked out how to do the linking thing and have linked your giveaway to my blog. Thanks for a second chance to win. Lesley x

  22. Hello Alix, I can recommend a stay on a houseboat in Cornwall (near Bude). It's wonderfully peaceful, the birdlife is stunning, and the boat had all the mod cons (and a summer house on the bank with extra toilet, shower and living area.

    We stayed here a couple of years ago (with 2 teenagers!) and despite the VERY wet weather, had a wonderful time.

    I'm off to pop you on my sidebar linking back to you. I'll be back in a minute!


  23. Hey I'm back! All linked up and ready to go. I'm also a follower (have been for a few weeks now, and I'm lovin' your blog).

    Thank you for the chance of winning all those beautiful things.


  24. What lovely prizes!!! You are so generous. The little mice made me laugh. So cute!

    I would suggest the Napa Valley in California. So relaxing. You can even have a picnic at one of the wineries.

  25. Why where else but Cranberry Cottage! It is little hideaway on the edge of the woods. There are birds to sing to you and hedgehogs to waddle around in the evenings. If you are very quiet and lucky, you might spy a deer or two although they are very shy in the summer season when too many people are around. Have a cup of tea or coffee in the garden and enjoy dining el fresco every afternoon and evening.

    Hugs from Holland ~