Monday, 4 July 2011

Make Do and Mend Monday

Every Monday, Heidi at 'The Cranberry Chronicle' posts about making do and mending, and I always love visiting her blog to see what clever transformations she has achieved.  

Finally today, I am getting round to joining in - though if I'm honest I didn't actually do this today, it's just that I can at last share it as it was given as a present yesterday.  I did do quite a lot of the work on it on Mondays, honest!!!

Remember this tray from the last car boot sale I went to?

It was good and sturdy, but somewhat damaged by spillages.

It got a quick lick of Annie Sloan paint, in Old Ochre, and then a protective waxing.

Then I raided the computer's store of old photos (I think you know how much I love these).  A selection were printed off, trimmed and 'artfully' arranged.  Next, a nice thick sheet of glass was cut to fit and sealed in place with some silicone sealant and quadrant beading.

Here's the result...

A 'Tree Tray'
(rather than a tea tray - gosh I'm so sharp I could cut myself...) 
of old family photos.
A Golden Wedding present for my parents from a good family friend, who has just come over from his home in Ireland for a visit. 

Definitely a worthwhile car boot purchase - I hope it will have many more years use now!

Don't worry _ I haven't forgotten I mentioned a giveaway!  I just need to rootle a bit deeper in the boxes, and make a little something that fits in with the theme!  Hopefully back with all that tomorrow.


  1. I'm lovin' this tree tray! I MUST get some of that Annie Sloan paint.....

  2. Fantastic project - looks amazing!

  3. Oh Alix...I am thrilled you are joining in on Make do and Mend Mondays as I KNEW you would have some lovely ideas. The tree tray is just fabulous! And then to think you had to give it away...

    It isn't important that it is done on the Monday but just posted then so I hope you will share more of your brilliant ideas. I am looking forward to them. I am finding the more I do...the more I want to do to use what I have and save money.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. This will be treasured by your family for a long time and all the more beautiful as it was made with love.
    Lovely post

  5. What a lovely idea - we don't display our family photos nearly enough x

  6. What a great makeover from tatty tray to tree tray...beautifully done!
    Thank you for your comment Alix and I am now following to see what you do pressure of course...
    Julie x

  7. What a lovely idea I bet your folks will be pleased as will the family friend

  8. What a fabulous idea! It looks fantastic.