Friday, 22 July 2011

What was behind the question mark?

Here's something I made last week, which I couldn't put on here till it had arrived with Andrea of 'Fin and Gabs', who won my recent giveaway.  It was the 'surprise' I hinted at with a giant question mark.  It's a covered sketchbook, with a personalised cover featuring vintage posters for Scarborough (her recommendation for where to visit on holiday this year, a very tempting one too) and the Yorkshire coast.

Although I love the labels I print on reclaimed linen, it does involve a rather laborious process with the 'Bubble Jet Set 2000' (which I explained in a post way back when - it was probably enough to put most people off ever using it!) and also, the colours do come out a little faint. So recently I have been using pre-prepared 100% cotton sheets that I buy online from Rainbow Silks, though I'm sure you can get them elsewhere.

I have to say I adopt a 'belt and braces' approach when I use these, peeling the backing off an A4 sticky label and sticking the cotton sheet (which has a thin backing paper already) on it, to make absolutely sure it feeds through the printer without incident.  My name would so be mud if anything happened to the printer!

It's a great way to make one-off personalised items with images that suit the personality and interests of the recipient.  Here's one I made for Miss U-t-B's tutor, who is also her Spanish teacher, as an end-of-year pressie:

Have a good weekend - sun, shine please!

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