Wednesday, 13 July 2011

And the winner is...

After posing for the camera yesterday, Millie, Tilly and Posy seem to have got a taste for fame and appeared from the top of the radiator the moment 'the hat' came out just a short while ago.

But who should do the lucky dip?  Millie and Tilly got stuck in to a deep and meaningful discussion about how to choose fairly, not noticing Posy shuffling quietly away...

...before taking a hasty dive into the many pieces of paper behind her sisters!  With a quick rustle and tightly screwed up eyes,  Posy grabbed one piece of paper and sprang from the hat...

'Ta-dah!' she sang, 
much to the surprise of her sisters, who clapped and squealed with glee (generous souls that they are, they instantly forgave their sister her sneaky ways!)

'Andrea!' the trio called out, all together.

And so it was that the giveaway was won by Andrea of Fin and Gabs!

Drop me an email Andrea (you can find the address via my profile) and I will send the goodies on their way!  Thanks to everyone who entered -  I now have along list of places that I would so like to visit.  I think I'll have to retire to fit them all in!

I have a very good reason to do another giveaway soon, so do check back from time to time...


  1. Congratulations to Andrea! I love the way the 3 little mice announced the winner, I hope we see a lot more of those little girls.

  2. Wey hey! thank you very much Alix I am so so pleased to have won!!
    Love Andrea x

  3. Congratulations to Andrea! You're one lucky girl!