Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The mice on the top of the radiator have volunteered to show you the latest addition to the little stack labelled 'Giveaway Prize'.

'Hey, Millie!  What's that you got there?'

'It's a felt flower badge, Posy.  Mrs Used-to-Bees is planning on putting it in with the rest of the giveaway prizes. What d'you think Tilly?'

'Let's have a closer look.'

'Yup - I think the crafty bloggers will like it.  How do they enter?'

'Just hop over to this post and follow the simple instructions.  Not much to it really - even a mouse with your technical abilities could do it.  But you'll have to hurry, just over twenty-four hours left!'


  1. Oh, this is so pretty, I do hope I win!!!
    (not being modest here...)

  2. Well hello Milly, Tilly and Posy! You three are just too cute...

    Hugs from Holland ~
    Heidi who is off to enter...