Sunday, 17 July 2011

Thinking ahead...

Where did that weekend go?

Maybe it's something to do with the lousy weather but I don't seem to have 'achieved' anything this weekend - dabbled in a few things but it was like it was raining inside my head too and the ideas and what my last headteacher used to call 'stickability' kept getting washed away!

So today I will share with you something that I'm looking forward to using next year.  I saw this recently in  WH Smith.  Though I didn't buy it then, the second time I was there I could no longer resist, and home it had to come.  I normally buy my calendars when the new year has already begun at knock-down price, but I will so enjoy looking at this one that I couldn't resist buying ahead of time.

Here it is...

The Salmon Vintage railway Posters calendar.
Beautiful vintage railway posters for each month of the year.


I'll just have to make sure I don't do with this calendar what I did with another a few years back.  It was a calendar of vintage Vogue magazine covers, including this one which I love as I was given it as a poster  by my best friend when I was a teenager...

This beautiful calendar was safely put away to wait for Big Ben to chime in the New Year, 'Auld Lang Syne' to be sung and champagne corks to be popped...only to remain hidden for more than the entire year it should have been on show!  

At least its gorgeous illustrations remain in perfect condition, with no traces of writing showing through, so when I do eventually find it, they will be perfect for framing!


  1. Love the railway posters. K managed to get a book of vintage shell posters (as in petrol not the sea side variety) once in a CS. Its lovely but he doesn't want to spoil the book by taking some of the pictures out and framing them. Wonder when and where you will find the missing one?

  2. Love the calendar don't blame you for getting it now, think of it as being super organised. I had a Vogue mirror on my bedroom wall, it was very much a prized possession.

  3. gosh next year already....never mind where did the weekend go....where did the year go?

  4. Why not hang it behind this year's calender; that's what I do. And what a fabulous calender, too, and what a pity you've told me where to buy it! Can I resist?

  5. That is an exceedingly nice calendar! Have a good week...

  6. Lovely! I always see so many calendars that I would like but I and end up getting a plain one in the sales! Maybe this year will be different!

  7. I have seen and admired this too ! I love the old railway posters & have two of Brighton where I used to work framed.

  8. You're so good with your calender's, I always leave it so late before buying mine and then half of the year's gone. lol
    Referring to my blog on Mr.T doing his crochet, who would have believed that he use to work as an electrician, I don't want readers to think he is a woosy. lol

  9. I have seen this too and I love it, Havn't got it though! I resisted the temptation!
    I truly do not know where the time goes!
    Have a great week,
    Love Andrea x

  10. Sob, sob, went into two WH Smith stores today - no lovely railway calendar. Will just have to keep searching.
    Glad you found your Vogue calendar.