Thursday, 28 July 2011

Woolbeding Gardens - or am I in heaven? (Part One)

Today I have been on a little jaunt, for which I must thank Vanessa Feltz!

No - she isn't a personal friend, but one morning in April I was awake ridiculously early and listening to her Radio 2 programme. I heard her talk about a garden that was newly open to the public.  As it was just before my Mum's birthday and is situated not too far from her house (or mine) I thought this would make a nice birthday treat.

So it was that this beautiful sunny morning, I headed down the A325 to Petersfield, where I picked my parents up, then headed off again.  Our destination, just outside Midhurst, was Woolbeding Garden, the former home of the late Sir Simon Sainsbury.  Between 1973 and his death in 2006, Sir Simon and his partner, Stewart Grimshaw, created the beautiful 26 acre garden that you can now explore on Thursdays and Fridays during the better seasons of the year.  It is well worth the visit! 

Armed with my new camera, I took oodles of photographs (in fact I kept filling up the memory card and having to delete the less good shots!) Here is a taste of the delights to be found.

Wide borders filled with a huge variety of shrubs and perennials...

Architectural features...

Shady nooks...

Places you'd like to imagine were your own...

Yet more wide, wide borders...

Beautiful topiary and amazing espaliered fruit trees...

Every colour under the sun...

Quiet places to sit and contemplate, surrounded by fragrant plants and the buzz of bees...

A very desirable swimming pool...

Beautiful benches...
Surprising, fruit-laden trees...

And a botanist's dream of plants and flowers...

You'd think I'd Photoshopped this to make it green, but that's how it was!

More tomorrow!


  1. oh my goodness,what a BEAUTIFUL post. I must go it is not very far from from where i live, it really does look like heaven
    have a lovely weekend
    j x

  2. What a fabulous garden and lovely photos. You must have had a lovely day. Looking forward to more. Lesley x

  3. Love your beautiful photos. Sat in our garden last night thinking "where have all the flowers gone?". Our garden has no colour now, just green. Think I feel a trip to the garden centre coming on! M x

  4. Oh I would LOVE to go there. Stunning. I'll put it on a places to visit list right now !

  5. Wow - lovely photos! Looks like a fantastic place!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Thank you for posting the link to my giveaway - I love your photos above - the flowers are beautiful.

    Pomona x

  7. Ooh now, that is lovely! Love your new blog look too! Hugs, Em x

  8. Your new blog layout looks fab....almost didn't recognize you!!!

    Such a lovely garden, I love the diamond trellis. mine is a complete mess!!

    Sophie xx

  9. Hi Alix,
    What an utterly fabulous garden, a walled garden would be my dream garden. I would love to visit and see it for myself but as it's not near me, your beautiful photos are the next best thing, I look forward to more.x

  10. Lovely tip, might have to give this one a go as the in-laws are down that way. Just their cup of tea!