Sunday, 24 July 2011

Koumpounophobics beware!

Well, there's a catchy little title if ever I saw one. Somehow I think it unlikely that anyone will ever find this post after a Google-search for those words!   Anyway, if you are a koumpounophobic, the first part of this post is safe for you - I will give due warning when the things you aren't keen on are about to appear!

The weekend has been an exciting one for me because at long last I have a camera of my own again!  I am so pleased!  No more delving into Mr U-t-B's camera bag for his expensive digital SLR, no more swapping of lenses depending on what I'm taking snaps of and no more getting it wrong all the time!

I am now the proud owner of a lovely little Lumix...

We used to have one and found it very good, but it died after spending too much time in the concrete-and-sand filled pockets of my husband!  

To celebrate we thought we'd finally open a bottle of the Elderflower Champagne I made way-back-when (I won't put a link to the post as most of the photos have disappeared - anyone know why this happens after a while?)  We took it out into the garden and I tried the 'burst' program as Mr U-t-B popped it open and poured.  The camera dutifully took loads of shots, but I'll give you the edited highlights...

So what was it like, this delicately coloured liquid that had lain bubbling away in its stylish bottles inside the sleeping bag (my insurance against explosions) since late May?

I'd like to tell you that it was worth the wait, that the careful selection of ingredients and lavish care with which it was made had resulted in a brew par excellence.

But I can't.

It was horrid!

Maybe my pinch was too big after all...

Onward and forward!  Sunday morning we got up reasonably early and headed off to Guildford to my favourite car boot sale.

We were going to do the '£20 challenge' (Spikeyhead - whose family dreamt up this challenge - later told me that it's meant to be £1!)
If all had gone to plan, I'd have put our purchases - mine and Mr U-t-B - on here and got you, dear readers, to judge who should be the winner.  However, things once again didn't quite go to plan.  Here's my booty...

And here's Mr U-t-B's...

That's it - nothing!
The only thing he saw that he wanted was a hot water cylinder - well I ask you!

So I'll just have to let you enjoy my purchases.

First was a remnant of pretty fabric...

Then a couple of little bowls that will make nice candles...

Then a little Barbola frame...

Then a beautiful snowy-white, fine cotton embroidered and lace edged double sheet with two pillowcases...

And last, but by no means least, a tin... 
(Koumpounophobics, you might want to give the next bit a miss!)

...full of buttons...

...lots of different colours...

...lots of beautiful designs, including some lovely Art Deco ones...

Turned out to be a great opportunity to see how my new camera could cope with close-up shots...

Mr U-t-B ended up feeling rather charmed by the buttons and spent a goodly while helping me sort!

Aside from the buttons there were all the other things you normally find in a button tin - poppers and buckles, fluff and bits of perished rubber band,
crumbs and little metal heads!

Can you find him hiding here?

How good is this close-up?

I am truly thrilled with my new camera.


  1. Your camera is just the job. It's quite exciting sorting through a tin of buttons not knowing what your going to get (or should I get more?.)My dad is always the first to start sorting when I buy a tin like yours...happy sorting!

  2. that should read...or should I get out more!

  3. I think if Mr U-T-B doesn't buy anything he should give you his £20. It's only fair.

    I love the sheet and pillowcases. And, the buttons...OMG I would just die from joy. I love buttons:)

  4. Great photos. Fantastic button treasure.
    Carol xx

  5. Love the buttons ... I get so excited when I see a tin /box of buttons at a boot fair! What a shame about the champers - it looks so good! M x

  6. We did our once a year car boot on Sunday, selling I mean.....
    Oh how I hate doing it, but needs must, we had so much junk to get rid of and the pennies come in handy. I would much rather be on the other side of the table doing the buying and get all grumpy when I can't buy.
    Still, lots more to go to yet so looking forward to next week.
    I wonder if there is a name for compulsive car booters? I have to have my Sunday 'fix' or I get mean. lol

  7. Your camera is great! Fab find with the button tin. I love buttons in jars, they look so pretty. I'm sorry your homemade champagne wasn't quite what you'd hoped! Big hugs, Em x

  8. Love your button find, some gorgeous ones there! Congrats on the camera too :-)

  9. Great finds! My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the beautiful buttons in your tin! Lucky, lucky girl!!! Followed you here from Heidi's.

  10. Lovely crisp pics and I really want that button tin!

  11. Hilarious! I have a Mr just like that. Love your finds. The buttons are fantastic.

  12. Spending £20 was well worth it ! That linen...those buttons !
    Shame about the champers. Had to giggle about keeping it in a sleeping bag. When I was young my best friend made ginger beer which totally exploded !